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neonexus671 a posted Jun 26, 12
The server might be up at random times because im on summer break and im on vacation.
neonexus671 a server is now up
Vic26 uhh u should like post when ur bck so ppl no it up


3pic_Killz a posted Mar 31, 12
I have just put the server on minestatus so more people can join are AmAzing server.
beelzemon914 what is that server ip address
tatertots wait...what? so when will be able to play again?

Im Back:):):)

3pic_Killz a posted Mar 26, 12
Hey everyone this is jackwastheripper, one of the server owners. After an absence from the server and website for about a week, I have finally got some time to see how everyone is doing and I can come back to the server now. I have been busy Developing my Classic minecraft server software called MCFire.
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